Canadian Visa Professionals: Who are we?

If you are interested in finding a quality service to help in your immigration to Canada, Canadian Visa Professionals can help. Our support team, in collaboration with the authorized immigration consultants we subcontract, will help to make the immigration experience as stress-free and timely as possible for you and your family. 

Canadian Visa Professionals works with seasoned immigration experts who can assess your best options through a confidential and personal evaluation in order to aid you in the immigration process. This is beneficial, since there are various types of visa programs for Canadian immigration, each with its own criteria and application process. The team of immigration consultants we work with will explain your choices and help you find the best option.

The support you will receive from Canadian Visa Professionals will be well worth the time and investment, as we work with immigration consultants who have the knowledge and experience to make the process easy and straightforward. We are determined to always provide you with the most efficient, cost-effective, and quality immigration services, which are conducted according to high standards by the immigration consultants who we subcontract.

The immigration consultants who work with Canadian Visa Professionals possess the experience and know-how to help you and your family have the best opportunity for a successful immigration experience.

Do I need a representative?

People sometimes ask if it’s vital to have a service such as ours in order to immigrate to Canada. You can process the immigration paperwork by yourself or you can use a legal representative who is authorized to do so. The application process for a permanent resident Canadian visa is not always easy. There are many regulations that can make it difficult to quality for a visa to Canada. Additionally, people are sometimes unable to move forward with the process, because of mistakes they made during the application procedure. If your application is handled properly, however, you can be sure to avoid unnecessary delays, or even worse, a refusal of your application due to errors.

By allowing the experienced immigration consultants who work with Canadian Visa Professionals to handle the paperwork for you, you can avoid unnecessary frustration and worry. Our team of experts who we collaborate with have the experience to know how to go through the process and deal with difficult situations. There is no need for you to struggle through the Canadian immigration process on your own, when you can receive professional guidance and accurate answers to your questions from authorized immigration consultants with many years of experience. 

Benefits of Our Services

There are several ways that you can benefit from our services:


Canadian Visa Professionals is a private company and not affiliated with the Canadian government.
We offer expert evaluations and specialized assistance, provided by the immigration consultants we subcontract, to our clients all over the world who want to immigrate to Canada. Only the government of Canada, however, has the authority to issue a visa to Canada.

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