African Refugees Become Canadian Permanent Residents

Canadian Visa Professionals - African Refugees

Canadian Visa Professionals could confirm qualified applicants across the globe can use the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot to move to Canada. The mobility scheme is a federal government program that seeks to bridge the gap between displaced people and a labour shortage in Canada.

The program has a target of settling at least 2,000 people through this pathway over the next few years. According to Canadian Visa Professionals, about 164 people, comprising 60 applicants and 104 dependents, have been received in Canada as of June 30, 2023.

The people who moved to Canada in this way intend to reside in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, British Columbia, as well as Newfoundland and Labrador.

Two African Refugees Became Permanent Residents

Two former African refugees, Abdifatah Sabriye and Patricia Kamssor, recently moved to Canada as permanent residents and continue to work as healthcare assistants in Nova Scotia.

Before their applications could be successful, they needed to meet the same requirements as traditional economic immigrants, including demonstrating their experience in healthcare and English proficiency.

"I have been a refugee for half of my life, living in a refugee camp in northern Kenya with my family. I am really excited to move to Canada. It used to be my dream, and now it's a reality. Moving to Canada has granted me the opportunity to have a home again."

The second former refugee:

“I feel just so excited and happy to be in Canada. And I promise that it will be good with us, and we are going to cope well with the conditions in Canada.”


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