Historic Event as 12-Year-Old Graduates from University in Canada

Canadian Visa Professionals

According to Canadian Visa Professionals, Canada just witnessed another historic moment as a 12-year-old girl graduated from a University in Canada.

Anthaea-Grace Patricia Dennis is a history-maker—a 12-year-old graduate who just accepted her biomedical science degree a few weeks ago.

An expert from Canadian Visa Professionals says Patricia is the youngest Canadian graduate in the history of university education in Canada. 

Patricia Dennis recently walked across the University of Ottawa stage to receive her bachelor’s degree in biomedical science.


More Details on Patricia Dennis

Canadian Visa Professionals
Canadian Visa Professionals

The Ottawa girl is indeed a prodigy that has made not only herself proud but all of her family and friends proud as well.

Patricia Dennis started her program at nine years of age when most of her peers were enjoying recess, playing games, and chatting.

When asked about her feelings regarding her achievements, she said:


"I am proud of my achievement. I thought I would fall off the stage due to the excitement before walking across the stage. Despite all the hurdles and challenges I faced during the program, I am proud of myself, and I am happy."

Canadian Visa Professionals can confirm that Johanna Dennis, Patricia’s mom, is very instrumental and key to her educational achievement at a young age.

Joanna Dennis says:

“I realized Patricia was special when she was around two-and-half years old. As a single mother, raising her all by myself was a bit difficult, but I am excited about her achievement.”

Canadian Visa Professionals
Canadian Visa Professionals

“When not researching or writing about the brain, she plays with her cats or binge-watching TV shows. Patricia is also a very good violinist,” Johanna concluded.

Johanna Dennis and her daughter share a very strong bond.



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