Record-Breaking Achievement: Canada’s Population Surges to 40 Million Residents

Canadian Visa Professionals

Canada’s population has achieved a historic milestone by reaching an unprecedented count of 40 million residents, as confirmed by Canadian Visa Professionals. This remarkable surge can be attributed to the consistent influx of over 400,000 new immigrants annually into the country.

Between January and December 2022 alone, approximately 1.1 million individuals arrived in Canada as either permanent or temporary immigrants, marking the inaugural instance of a million-plus surge within a year.

Canadian Visa Professionals
Canadian Visa Professionals

The recent report from Statistics Canada’s shows that a staggering 95.9 percent of the populace’s growth over the past year was attributable to international migration. Moreover, the report posits a conceivable projection: if the current immigration rates are upheld, Canada’s populace could burgeon to 50 million within two decades.

The ramifications of a growing populace on Canada’s economic landscape are noteworthy. Canadian Visa Professionals’ expert underscores the symbiotic link between immigration and population expansion. In the case of Canada, immigration serves as a potent tool to reinforce the workforce by ushering in adept professionals who augment the working demographic.


Michael Donnelly, a professor of political science at the University of Toronto, accentuates the pivotal role of immigration in Canada’s demographic composition. He expounds:

"Today's labor force shoulders the responsibility of funding the pensions of Today's retirees. Hence, Canada necessitates fresh entrants who can address labor scarcities and substantially influence the nation's economy."


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