Most Canadians Think 4-Day Work Week Is a Possibility

Canadian Visa Professionals

Canadian Visa Professionals could establish that most Canadians think a 4-day work week is a possibility they would like to explore. According to this new study conducted by, a recruiting platform in Canada, about 93 percent of interviewed workers are interested in the four-day workweek model.

Canadian Visa Professionals
Canadian Visa Professionals

If the recruiting agency interviewed 10 Canadian workers, about nine were interested in a four-day workweek.

The survey also proves that many Canadians would rather put the 4-day workweek concept in their top three professional benefits above insurance and flexible work hours. 


Work efficiency in the current 5-day workweek model

Canadian Visa Professionals reports that, according to some workers, the 5-day work week makes them less productive. At least one in four admitted that their productivity declines across the work week. They become less productive on all five working days of the week.   

Canadian Visa Professionals
Canadian Visa Professionals

The interviewed workers suggested that the top reasons for wanting to try a shorter week are to improve work-life balance, reduce stress and its associated feelings, and completely eradicate burnout.

While the possibility of a 4-day work week is still being explored, the workload, work hours, and pay remain major concerns.



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