Immigrants Push Nova Scotia’s Population Past One Million

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In spite of COVID-19, Nova Scotia has been having record numbers of immigrants. As a result, support organizations in the province have increased their capacity to meet demand. 

About 9,020 Canadian permanent residents arrived in Nova Scotia in 2021. This record exceeded the record in 2019, which was 7,580. This report shows that the rate of Canadian immigration has been on the rise in Nova Scotia despite the pandemic.

In recent times, Nova Scotia’s population has exceeded one million. This first-time record is due to the booming immigration and inter-provincial migration in the region. Canadian Visa Professionals suggested that newcomers should consider moving to the province. This is because Nova Scotia greatly supports immigrants.

"This report shows that the rate of Canadian immigration has been on the rise in Nova Scotia despite the pandemic."

Efforts of Nova Scotia in Bringing in More Immigrants

Canadian immigration is generally a federal responsibility, however, Nova Scotia has played a role in the booming immigration to the province. The province is enhancing immigration through the Provincial Nominee Program, which focuses on bringing in specific types of workers. Also, the Atlantic Immigration Program is an aid to the booming immigration in the province.

According to Jill Balser, Nova Scotia’s labour and immigration minister, the province and the Atlantic Immigration Program are working with employers to know their needs. These areas of need are then included in the Express Entry categories, according to Canadian Visa Professionals. Some areas of need are the healthcare sector and the hospitality industry.

Efforts of the Province to Retain Immigrants

Aside from working to ensure the swift entry of skilled workers into the region, it is also working to retain the immigrants. The province is thus working with settlement agencies such as the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS) and YMCA. These organizations help to ensure that immigrants have the necessary support.


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