Survey Says Canada Is Most Inclusive Country for Immigrants

Canada and the United States are the two most tolerant and inclusive countries in regards to who the population sees as one of their own or a “real citizen.” Due to the travel ban, the treatment of children at the Mexican border, and rhetoric from the White House, Canada topped the United States as the most inclusive country. Ipsos, a polling company, took a survey asking 20,000 people from 27 countries, questions about immigration status, religion, the origin country of parents, criminal background, sexuality, and extreme political views. The survey questioned people in various countries, whether a person with a particular characteristic would be seen as a “real” national of that country. Canadian Visa Professionals realize the best option for you to live a happy life is to immigrate to Canada. They can walk you through the steps of immigration and the entire visa process.

Coming in behind the two North American countries as the most inclusive were South Africa, France, Australia, and Chile. Serbia, Malaysia, and Saudi Arabia were at the very bottom of the list. Nicolas Boyon, a senior vice-president of Ipsos, said, “What we learned from the data is that the United States has a very legalistic vision of what it is to be an American.” America had the most inclusive attitude toward immigrants who have received citizenship. This held true for those that didn’t speak English or have a job, as well. If you are considering relocating to Canada, contact Canadian Visa Professionals. They can assist you and your family through the immigration process. Their team of professionals will also answer any questions you may have about the steps to take.

The report showed Canadians had the broadest acceptance of who was a “real Canadian.” For decades, the country has held exceptionally high levels of immigration without a populist groundswell of opposition. The citizens of Canada put multiculturalism next to the national anthem when asked the most essential Canadian values and symbols. There are many opportunities for you and your family in this welcoming and diverse country. The team of experts at Canadian Visa Professionals has a goal to help you reach your dream of becoming a Canadian citizen and living a productive life. Contact them today!


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