Accountants in High Demand in Canadian Job Market

Earlier this year, Patrick Poulin, the group president of Randstad Canada, highlighted some skills as most important to employers in 2022. These skills include budgeting, accounting and quality control. They are of paramount importance to business owners trying to run a successful business during the pandemic. 

Also, from the report, the most sought-after professions for 2022 have been identified. These are salespeople, customer service representatives and scheduling specialists. Some other jobs in high demand in Canada are budgeting and accounting positions.

Due to this report, Canadian Visa Professionals stated that there is high hope for new immigrants who are accountants to secure employment with ease in Canada.

Reasons for Changes in the Most-Sought-After Jobs in Canada

The job market in Canada has continued to evolve since the Covid-19 Pandemic. Due to this factor, the Canadian jobs in high demand in 2020 are not the same as those in 2022.

Before now, Canadian organizations were focused on ensuring that their workforce had the required technology and security. Their target was to provide the workforce with the technology and security needed for them to remain operational. Now, the focus is on the long-term desire to push sales while offering top-notch customer service. 

Also, their current goal is to provide a safe environment for their employees and customers while effectively managing their budgets. Canadian Visa Professionals stated that the change in focus was a driver for the difference in high-demand jobs in Canada.

An Employee Perspective on the Change in Employer's Focus

According to an employee, the change in employers’ focus is an opportunity for Canadians to level up their skills. At the same time, it will help them refine and repurpose skills they may have used in past roles.


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