Not Enough Workers for Construction Jobs in Canada

The Canadian government’s plan for housing is to boost supply. This plan was laid out in the government’s spring budget. In recent years, Canada has averaged about 200,000 new housing units annually. The government has promised to double the country’s current rate of new construction over the next decade.

Canadian Visa Professionals reported that this plan generated skepticism from analysts. Robert Kavcic stated that even if dollars become doughnuts, this won’t happen. The senior economist with the Bank of Montreal said the statement not because of a lack of good intentions. Instead, he said it because of the scarcity of skilled labour in the construction sector.

Economists Doubt the Feasibility of the Construction Plan

Robert Kavcic of the Bank of Montreal pointed out that housing completions have been at the highest level since the 1970s. But skilled labour in the building industry is scarce. Thus, municipal governments oppose any effort to zone for more density.

Another economist revealed his doubt about the feasibility of the Canadian government’s building plan. Avery Shenfield, the chief economist at CIBC World Markets, said labour constraints might prevent the actualization of the plan.

He added that if some essential things are not implemented, Canada will continue to struggle to ramp up the adequate supply needed to allow more Canadians to own their home. Canadian Visa Professionals reported that one of the essential things to put in place is a targeted immigration plan. Also, there must be a concerted effort to convince young residents to consider taking up a hammer rather than a laptop, said Avery Shenfield.

The Solution to the Labour Shortages in the Construction Sector

Canada’s housing minister, Ahmed Hussen, responded to the skepticism about the plan. He replied that skills training and Canadian immigration would help with the labour shortages in the building industry. In other words, skilled immigrants are expected to enter the country through its smart immigration policies.

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