Canadian Immigration Brings Benefits to Nova Scotia

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The increasing Canadian immigration to Nova Scotia is beneficial to the province, according to Jill Balser, Nova Scotia’s labour and immigration minister. She stated this because the movement of people into the area brings ideas to the province.

The booming immigration to this province is said to be planned population growth. This system is supported, because the region is looking to bring in the required talent to build and grow the economy. Canadian Visa Professionals added that immigrants help make Nova Scotia more diverse and inclusive.

The CEO of the Immigrant Services Association of Nova Scotia (ISANS), Jennifer Watts, also believes that Canadian immigration is contributing genuine benefits to the province. Watt said that ISANS is excited by the booming immigration to the region. She added that it is vital for the economic and social development of the province.

Efforts of Nova Scotia in Supporting Immigration

Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Immigration Program are helping to support the increasing movement of immigrants into the province. They do this by helping to identify the needs of employers. The region then includes the fields in need of workers in Express Entry categories.

The province also works with settlement agencies like ISANS and the YMCA to ensure that the immigrants are retained in Nova Scotia. 

Canadian Visa Professionals reported that the activities of these agencies help to ensure that immigrants have the support they need.

Impact of Immigrants in Nova Scotia

Jill Balser stated that some immigrants in Nova Scotia are starting their own businesses while others are becoming part of the workforce. Either way, the province’s immigrants are helping build and grow Nova Scotia’s economy.

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